Medina Palaces & Gardens Tour


Medina Palaces & Gardens Tour

In our tour you are going to discover the nature side of Fes. This World Heritage; known by its largest urban pedestrian zone and vast gardens. The Palace Gardens are so big and have many varieties of Herbs and different huge trees. You are going to see two quarters: one calls Fes Jedid and the other one is Fes El Bali. First of all, you start visiting Bab Boujloud which is the main doorway of Fes El Bali; it’s a fantastic door decorated by pottery and Moroccan Mosaic full of multicolor. Here you find three Palace Gardens: Dar Beida, Dar Betha and Boujloud (called Jnan Sbil nowadays).

THE PALACE GARDENS were from the 19th century, made by Sultan Moulay Hassan. Jnan Sbil was opened to the public. It had known a great restore and a beautiful renew. It had taken four years to finished and opened in June 2010. Jnan Sbil includes 7.5 Hectares; you will get yourself in many trees and plants such as eucalyptus, weeping willows, bamboo, citrus trees and palms…. This garden has an important in Morocco History.

The Palace Gardens are many and each one garden is totally different from the other one. As well as Dar Batha; Andalusian style. Museum of Arts and Traditions of Fes. It’s a mixed of smells; really you are going to lose yourself through. You find sweet-scented jasmine, roses, citrus and orange perfumes; it’s a peaceful place of relaxation, repose and calm. Dar Batha has reserved to the big event « The Fes Festival of Sacred World Music » atmosphere of spirituality and spiritual healing. The Palace Gardens encompass also the Palais Jamai, we are going to guide you to another Andalusian style with a traditional Moroccan touch; The Hambra class lines and the Moroccan fountains. A garden which is fulfill of different kind of roses, trees and plants. It’s really superb and lovely garden.

All over, after all these grateful views gardens you will reach to El Mokri palace; is one of The Palace Gardens in the old Medina local. Wadi Fes valley and above the south gate. It had built by Si Tayeb El Mokri proximate 1906. Large and big garden; it has awesome fountains and amazing terraces to seat in.

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