cooking class

Cooking classes within fassi family

Cooking classes within fassi family is an enjoyable cooking experience, an opportunity where you can taste and cook the best famous Moroccan dishes and recipes in a
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fes tour

Fez handicrafts day tour

Fez is a city which knows as Morocco’s oldest imperial city. Fez is not only the spiritual city of Morocco but it’s also the city of artisans,
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Fez local dialect day tour

Morocco is a country that knows a large variety of dialects spoken.  Every region in Morocco has its dialect or at least its accent. From north to
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Medina Palaces & Gardens Tour

In our tour you are going to discover the nature side of Fes. This World Heritage; known by its largest urban pedestrian zone and vast gardens. The
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Photographic tour

Photographic tour concentrates and focuses on photography inside Moroccan Muslim, Arabic, Berber and Jewish culture. Whether you are going to capture professional photographs, do reportage, take architecture
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Spa & Fassi Hammam

Morocco local tours  is so careful and very prudent  for your beauty and charming. For that, we have a special place for you “The Spa & Fassi
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